Our Roadmap

Where we are and where we're going.

Scroll down and follow our roadmap to see
where our journey is headed.

Phase 1
Community Building
Build a passionate community that believes in the IsoWallet vision.
Phase 2
Team Expansion.
Wallet Development.
Phase 3
Nearing Minimum Viable Product
Red teaming/infrastructure stress testing + security audit.
Strategic Partnerships.
Phase 4
Beta Release
Bug bounty hunting program.
Implementing community feedback.
Phase 5
Official Launch
Wallet launch.
Implement trustless transaction feature.
Phase 6
Improve wallet based on feedback.
Enterprise solution development.
Phase 7
Enterprise Solution Launch
Continue to improve wallet.
Prepare insurance offering.
Phase 8
Insurance Launch
Offer in-app insurance for users.
Phase 9 - Beyond
Stay Tuned!
Many more exciting things to come.