A collection of 5,555 unique IsoBots are landing on the Ethereum network.

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What are IsoBots?

The dream of a safe Web3 cannot be achieved alone. It requires all of us to do our part and come together as a community. IsoBots is that community. IsoBots is a collection of unique 3D NFTs that shows the world of blockchain that cybersecurity matters. You won't just be sporting any PFP, you will be expressing to the world that you believe in a safer Web3. Security is not a privilege, it is a right.

Enough of the hacks. Enough of the phishing. Enough of the bad reputation it gives Web3.

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The IsoBots Artist

Andrea Ranaldo AKA "Crazer", is a 3D artist with more than a decade of experience. He has worked in many sectors and on a wide range of projects such as, product renderings for world reknowned fashion and luxury sports car brands, cinematic videos, VR, AR, and jewelry design. He is now bringing his vast experience to the world of NFTs, starting with IsoBots.

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IsoBots will be available to purchase only on the official IsoWallet website. Come back in May to get one of your own!

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