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Blockchains are safe, blockchain wallets should be too.
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Our Vision

We want to put hackers out of business, and we're starting with Web3. Blockchains have been the most important technological revolution since the creation of the internet. They disrupt traditional markets and put the power of ownership back into the hands of the individual. They are safer than traditional systems because of their decentralization and trustless design. However, the wallets that interact with blockchains are not safe. Current wallets have not prioritized user security, and have left your assets vulnerable to hackers. IsoWallet fuses the highest levels of software engineering with creative cyber security to provide a wallet where security is the priority. With IsoWallet, users can freely navigate Web3 and rest assured that their funds are safe.

Next-Gen Security

In Web3 you are always one click away from having your private keys in the hands of hackers. Popular software wallets save your private keys in your browser, leaving you vulnerable to having your information stolen. That is why we engineered IsoWallet's advanced security to not store your information in the browser. Instead, we protect your private information by isolating the internet access point from the data storage location so that even if hackers do get in, there will be nothing for them to find. As an added fail-safe, IsoWallet will enable you to stop malicious software by simply closing and reopening your IsoWallet application any time you suspect you've clicked on a malicious link. Our wallet architecture is specifically designed to combat the phishing attacks that are so common in Web3, and provide you with the peace of mind to keep your digital assets safe.


Just because a wallet is more secure doesn't mean it needs to be complicated to use. The IsoWallet will not only provide next-gen security, but will also be just as easy to use as any other software wallet. No extra piece of hardware needed, and no jumping through hoops to connect your wallet to Web3. Our application will work in tandem with all the dApps you'd want to use and allow you to mint your favorite NFTs or buy your favourite tokens with a click of a button.

Intuitive User Experience

We're building IsoWallet with the user in mind. We strive to provide our users with an experience that will be completely intuitive for both blockchain newcomers and veterans alike. We want to make your blockchain wallet experience a joy and will be offering a variety of features to help do so. These include:
⦾ Multi-chain Compatibility.
⦾ Layer-2 Compatibility.
⦾ Trustless Transactions.
⦾ Access to your favorite decentralized exchanges in-app.
⦾ Extensive education materials to help you navigate Web3.
⦾ Compatibility with all your favorite DeFi tokens and NFTs.
⦾ In-app content insurance.
⦾ Support teams available 24/7.
⦾ And much more!

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Meet Our
Talented Team

David Elhadad
Co-founder & Partnerships

Law, Finance and Blockchain.

Mike Feldman
Co-founder & Operations

Blockchain and Cybersecurity.

Hartley Deare

Software Development. Google.

Cullon Hecox
Information Security

Cybersecurity. Lockheed Martin.

Don Daskalo

Founder of Don Daskalo Design.

Rachel Lichtman

Founder of Lichtman Law.